This beer surprised us but it shouldn’t have, our first batch was almost drunk by two of us with a couple of survivors going to other tasters. So our second batch was sent to the Camra Kingdom of Fife beer festival, and won. What it won, Are You with me? Seriously? I was shocked, those guys have been known for kicking beers out that are not good so we were nervous, but it won, yeah it won! So the name, well that comes from a song of the same name. Actually we had picked RubyRubyRuby for this beer as it was going to be a red ale, the first samples were more brown so the name had to change, so we thought of this great relaxing easy song that makes us smile when it comes on the radio or playlist, now it makes us think of beer as well. AYWM is bitter after the citrusy smell and taste, it’s almost a classic bitter after the aroma assault of the Citra hops.

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